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Putting Indoor Cricket on the map in the North...

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

As the end of the summer season approaches we're getting closer to indoor cricket getting going at the asylum... Since playing our first 6 aside tournament back in 2014 we've seen a huge increase in popularity with nearly 50 teams entering our various competitions.

We're now offering tournaments not only for u11s, u13s and u16s but also Masters (over 40s) and Women & Girls. All of these teams can now benefit from some serious upgrades and developments, putting indoor cricket back on the map in the north of the country!

Facility upgrades to support Indoor Cricket... Gone are the days of the dodgy temporary nets we had to put in place, as we've upgraded to brand new tension net system adding an extra dimension to the indoor cricket format! While we were on it we also added a traditional 'tins' style scoreboard just to add a bit of old school cricket tradition to our comps!

Player pathway leading to the indoor cricket world cup! Probably the most exciting development is our partnership with Action Indoor Cricket England, this gives players and teams entering our tournaments the opportunity to progress to regional and national competitions. Not only competing against indoor players from around the country but also putting them in the shop window for national selection at junior and senior level.

TCA-Northern Star Indoor Cricket Academy. To support the progression into regional competitions we will be running an indoor cricket academy for players selected from the Autumn Blitz, forming a representative squad and offering specialist training to get players ready to compete at the next level!

Online scoring, stats and league tables. A long overdue development... We're getting with the times and ditching the paper scoresheets. We've found a great system specifically designed for indoor cricket stats and league management so now players can track their progress and stats online after every game!

All this added to an already fantastic offering. The TCA staff score and umpire all games so less pressure on club volunteers who can sit back with a brew and watch the games. and if you can't make it you can watch online at home via our facebook live stream!

The Autumn Blitz is an 8 week tournament running during September and October, with competitions for u11s, u13s, u16s (all based on 2021 age groups), Women & Girls and Masters (Over 40s). For more info simply click here or contact Matt on 07775 614370 /

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