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Top Tips for Cricketers doing Exams!

Exam time is a tough one to navigate for many keen young cricketers. Managing time, focus and stress levels can all lead to an unenjoyable time... Here's a few little tips that might help during this time...

1. Keep on playing! This is tip number one for a reason.... We see many players stop playing cricket altogether and put every waking minute into exams... While we respect this, it can lead to burn out! Playing sport and regular physical activity has been shown to improve memory and cognitive function, which can help retain information and recall it during exams. It also improves sleep, increases energy and improves well being and resilience which are all key factors in performing better in exams...

2. Time management. If you've done your solid revision time then you've earned your cricket for that night... Work smarter not harder, set aside dedicated blocks of time for revision and cricket! For more help with time management, try the Pomodoro Technique.

3. Enjoy your Cricket and see it as a release... Cricket is a game, and more than ever during exam season lets see it as that! Enjoy being outside with your team mates, enjoy the game and don't get too fussy about results and performance.

4. Go easy on yourself... Exams can often mean pressure, as can playing cricket! Go easy on yourself, get the work done, focus on the process and don't stress about the results!

5. Use Cricket as a reward... Parent's with young ones who would sooner play than revise (most of them!), may want to use the lure of cricketing time as a reward for completing their revision targets...

6. Be realistic... If you can maintain playing and training 7 days a week and getting top grades in your exams then please share your secret! Cricket is time consuming especially for those that play for multiple teams. So, despite tip number 1, we might want to plan ahead as to what games are more important or which ones you enjoy the most.

We hope you find this helpful, and can enjoy your cricket while smashing exam time!

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