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Our range of high-quality cricket balls have been tested in the toughest conditions, from soggy day in northern England to long dry days in India...

Available for anyone to order in store at The Cricket Asylum, online at Cricketology or check out our league proposal for amazing deals on top quality balls that will increase the standard of your cricket and generate funds for the league in the process!

All TCA balls use a specially designed cortex centre that ensures balls retain their shape throughout a game – cortex offers the same properties as the top of the range balls used in test matches – but at a better price.


TCA Cricket balls are ¼ seamed and hand stitched. All balls in the TCA range are hand finished with a wax/grease polish or high-quality lacquer allowing for a better, longer lasting finish and more movement in the air.

The TCA Cricket Ball Range

The Sultan

Our most popular and affordable ball for junior club cricket and club training, it swings and holds its shape, so clubs are getting multiple games use from these balls.

The Majesty

A step up from the popular Sultan and ideal for representative junior cricket or those weekly indoor net session on hard surfaces.

The Monarch

This is a high-level ball, perfect for 40 over senior club or older junior representative games, or if you're wanting a high-level training ball to hone your skills in the nets.

The Emperor

A top end ball designed for high level senior cricket, or an indulgent purchase for you to dominate your net practice!

Windballs and Wonderballs

We also produce high quality Windballs and Wonderballs (know as incrediballs) that are ideal for junior soft balls games and training.

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