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10 things to make the Cricket season better for everyone

Yes you could play a bit straighter or get a little fitter, but we’re taking a more altruistic view here… There’s more to our beautiful games that runs and wickets people, jump on board a few of these this summer.

1. Say thank you in the tea room. A simple “Thanks for the tea ladies & gents” might make their day a little more worthwhile after they’ve slaved away making you your sandwiches and cakes… Even it’s a barely edible 2/10 tea (we feel your pain!), they did their best so show your gratitude!

2. Have a drink with the opposition after the game… so after a long 50 overs of sledging like Warner and ball shining like Bancroft - we can put all that aside and enjoy some time getting to know your opposition and putting some money behind their bar.

3. how about have a drink with your own team first before tackling number 2. You all have that team mate who after being bowled out for 50 and finishing at 3pm has a “family meal” to go to so can’t stay for a drink. Come on, don’t be that guy.

4. Give something back, there was once that volunteer coach who set you on your path to averaging 14.5 with the bat in the 3rds. You owe it to them and the cricket gods to put something back. Run a junior team, help out at junior training or umpire the odd game. You may even enjoy it!

5. Do a bit on the ground… usually that guy from number 3 who has something on when it comes around to ground-force day. Don’t be that guy again, grab a paint brush a make that sightscreen white again!

6. Bat where your told and stop sulking. So you’re dropped down the order or not got a bowl and you want to sulk like the day you sister had more ice cream than you at Butlins. Don’t do it, support your captain and the team and they’ll love you a little bit more for it.

7. Ok so it’s a touchy issue at times… but if you’re a paid amateur try all of the above and below. Put a bit back to the club that’s paying you..

8. Raise some well needed funds! Every club needs a few extra pennies. Be the one to organise a sponsored bike ride, 6 a-side day, casino night or whatever floats your boat.

9. Be nice to the umpires… all season… even when you’ve had a stinking decision! They stand there all day in varying conditions watching varying standards of play for a wage that can be described as expenses at best. Take that decision on the chin, have a chat with them after the game.. We have an increasing shortage of umpires in the amateur game, lets make it so they have a nice season and want to keep going.

10. Ok so we couldn’t think of a number 10… add a comment on twitter or facebook with yours!!

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