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10 Cricket things we're missing during the covid pandeminc

It’s like an extended winter without Christmas, yes we had a bit of sun for a few weeks. But what’s the use of blue skies and 20 degree days if you can’t enjoy it with spot of bat and ball washed down with a cold drink…

We hear it everyday… “what?? you can go to Primark but you can’t play Cricket!!” So annoying, it’s called a phased ease of the lockdown so of course you can do somethings and not others. The government can’t ease the lockdown to suit every individuals interests and hobbies. BUT… “WAIT WHAT??? you can go to Primark but you CAN'T PLAY CRICKET!!!” It’s the summer, close all the shops and get the game on,  tell them to go and watch their local village team who haven’t won a game for 3 years instead, it will be far more rewarded than that £3 t shirt you’ve just picked up from the floor of Primark (other wet market-esque shops are available)

So what are we missing, now if we wanted to put a positive spin on this we’d have called it what are we looking forward to. But that’s not the mood today.

  1. Cricket teas. You can score all the hundreds you want but nothing gets the dressing room buzzing like the talk of the perfect Cricket tea! Give me scones, sandwiches, ooh & some pork pies would be nice… and a fruit platter because this is sport after all…

  2. The dressing room. It smells, it’s messy, it’s full of bad jokes, blood, sweat and disappointment… and its about as bio secure as that well documented market in Wuhan. But we love it and all that goes with it!

  3. The bar. This is the place where the 37 you scored in 1998 can be at least 55 not out. All the ups and downs of the game are laid to rest and it’s all planned out for next week- new batting order and the whole lot sorted, we just have to tell the captain who went home at 9pm in a sulk…

  4. That bloke.. When you’re in a team with 11 others, there's at least one individual who might not exactly be your best mate… maybe a little annoying, maybe even the way he pads up gets on your wick… but when play (and bar) resumes that guy is getting a drink on me. I’m even missing him that’s how bad its getting now...

  5. Cricket Training- We have to say attendance at Cricket Asylum indoor nets this year was amazing for so many clubs. But usually come August when you’re mid table and averaging 12 with the bat that enthusiasm begins to wane… not this year get us playing and we swear to the Cricket gods to attend every net possible.

  6. Rainy days- Sloppy sawdust everywhere, slipping and sliding in the field, covers ON - OFF – ON – OFF - ON - ON - OFF and a wet soapy ball that’s taking chunks out of the wicket… absolutely beautiful, just imagine the joy leaving of leaving the family at home for a day of that!

  7. The umpires – When all this is over lets make more of an effort with the legends that are our league cricket umpires. No more questioning decisions, throwing the bat and all that. Or if you do indulge in any of the above at least buy them a drink after the game and have a chat!

  8. That old bloke- We’re even missing the old fella at the club who never has a positive thing to say about any current player. If stats were a thing back then you’d probably find they weren't any good, but he insists on that derogatory comment every time you’re doing your post innings lap. If we’re not playing by the end of July I’m rocking up at his house just for the abuse.

  9. Your kit bag… that new bat you got for Christmas is knocked in ready to go, or the helmet you’ve had for 10 years or more. Your cricket kit is part of you in the summer, sometimes the older and smellier you become together the more you bond. Get me in that jock strap and get me in that dressing room!

  10. Cricket – there is so much that goes with it we sometimes forget about the purity of the actual sport, batter v bowler pitting their wits against each other using skill, wisdom, experience and occasionally a little athleticism. Captain working his tactics with field positions and bowling changes. Please Boris or whoever’s running the show just bring it back…

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