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PitchVision is state of the art cricket performance technology for players of all levels, from grass root to professional. Come face to face with your own performance outcomes EVERY TIME YOU TRAIN!

PitchVision is a revolutionary motion-capture system that puts elite level analysis into the hands of every player, club and school.

Coaches and players are able to review performance strengths and weaknesses immediately, or at their leisure. Combined with PitchVision’s unique video capture feature, which instantly edits and catalogues delivery clips, coaches and players now have a tool which session by session identifies trends, strengths, weaknesses and establishes the relationship between the cause and effect of their technique and performance.

Importantly, PitchVision does not change the way you practise. Instead it has been designed to compliment the natural ebb and flow of a typical training session. PitchVision’s Automatic Player Identification System allows bowlers to bowl at any time and in any order.

In fact, whether training with juniors or your elite squad, PitchVision can operate as few or as many reports as you require for that session – as a glorified speed gun or as an in-depth assessment tool, measuring player progress. Unlike other analysis tools, PitchVision does not require you to ‘work around’ the technology or wait for anyone to edit and catalogue the video. Rather, players can train in groups, batting and bowling as they normally would – it just so happens that the net is capturing data as they practice and their data and edited video is available for instant retrieval and review.