Cricket Fitness Program

Its been a great summer for Cricket… but lets be honest it could have been a little bit better if were all that little bit fitter…

This winter you’re gonna do what you’ve always promised yourself!

Join our Cricket Fitness Program and you will:

  1. Improve strength and power
  2. Reduce risk of injury
  3. Increase flexibility
  4. Improve balance and posture
  5. Stronger bones and joints

This program has been carefully designed, and broken down into specific phases to be delivered at TCA in the group sessions and also continued at home to increase the overall effectiveness of the program.

The physical demands of Cricket are very much imbalanced with your body, the Cricket Fitness Program will look to redress that balance with a range of bodyweight exercises to improve your balance and posture. The program will progress into speed, power, strength and endurance phases to develop you as an all round athlete ready for the 2019 season.

Tuesday 9th October to 11th October

7:30pm to 9pm at TCA

In addition to the weekly session at TCA you will be required to complete the home session each week, and be given a 10 week exercise program to complete at home starting in January leading up to the season