What we can learn from England’s World Cup run…


Firstly, let’s get this out there… we’re a Cricket organisation… and you’d rarely see us commenting publicly on anything other than Cricket… However, there is something we can all take from this England team and how they’ve performed in the World Cup.

I used to love football, call me a boring sod but all the diving and carrying on and media rubbish has put me right off it! But I thought I’d give this world cup a go, so started to watch one of the first games. About 10 minutes in some guy fell over and nearly died after the other player threatened to invade his personal space… needless to say I switched over and watched a rather interesting documentary on an ancient civilisation hidden deep in the South American jungle…

But since then you’d have to live in a cave not to be taken in by England’s run so far! And let’s hope it can carry on all the way to the end! We can all learn from the England football team. They have done us proud and brought the country together, it’s almost like Brexit never happened! But it’s the way they have gone about it that’s captured the attention of the nation and had us all believing that some mystical footballing being is actually returning back to its natural habitat.

David Beckham isn’t in this team, neither is Steve Gerrard, Frank Lampard or Wayne Rooney, and there is certainly no Neymar like characters! In fact I’d have been hard pushed to name more than 2 or 3 of the squad before it all started… now I’m thinking of inviting them all to the The Cricket Asylum for afternoon tea. So how and why have they done so well and quickly gained such popularity? There are several things- but one that stands out is the team spirit. They’re young and playing together with no fear, it’s great to see and that’s how sport should be played.

Apparently, team work is “The cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.” I googled that.

This team have played for their manager and for their country, but above all they have played for each other, there is simply no place for self interest in a team environment. You can argue that a selfish opening batter may contribute valuable runs to a team, yes but if that’s to the detriment of the team spirit then in the end- it will work against them and eventually affect results. Do we think Gareth Southgate or any of the other players cared that Raheem Sterling missed some “easy” chances in the quarter final… no they did not, and they wouldn’t have blamed him if they lost either- because a team is a whole – it’s not a group of individuals. The team wins or loses and sometimes draws, clearly good individual performances contribute to this but results (good or bad) come to the team as a whole.

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You may notice that we’ve put this article out before the semi-final, the reason? Because the result is irrelevant in terms of what we can take from the team and how they’ve done us proud over in Russia. If we get knocked out certain media outlets will blame whoever misses a penalty or whatever and have us all believe its their fault, but ultimately its down to the team- win, lose or draw!

Another noticeable factor for their success is the leader, Gareth Southgate has shown that not only can he rock a waistcoat… but he has been calm, decisive and in no way egotistical. He comes across as a leader who will credit the players when they win and shoulder the blame when they lose. Great leaders rarely take credit for success and of course, accredit all successes to the team as a whole.


Then to see him win that penalty shootout after being the blamed one (by the media not the team I must add) back in 1996 was great for him, but did he think about himself and bask in the glory?? No, he went and consoled the opposition player who’d missed a vital penalty. Lesson number 3- humility and respect for your opposition.

So, when you’ve scored 100 this weekend remember the guy who got a duck but maybe saved a few in the field! You’ve all done your bit and contributed to the win… or the loss…

Enjoy your weekend with your Cricket team mates people- and fingers crossed the England football team can go all the way!