Cricket Fitness Program

Its been a great summer for Cricket… but lets be honest it could have been a little bit better if were all that little bit fitter…

This winter you’re gonna do what you’ve always promised yourself!

Join our Cricket Fitness Program and you will:

  1. Improve strength and power
  2. Reduce risk of injury
  3. Increase flexibility
  4. Improve balance and posture
  5. Stronger bones and joints

This program has been carefully designed, and broken down into specific phases to be delivered at TCA in the group sessions and also continued at home to increase the overall effectiveness of the program.

The physical demands of Cricket are very much imbalanced with your body, the Cricket Fitness Program will look to redress that balance with a range of bodyweight exercises to improve your balance and posture. The program will progress into speed, power, strength and endurance phases to develop you as an all round athlete ready for the 2019 season.

Tuesday 9th October to 11th October

7:30pm to 9pm at TCA

In addition to the weekly session at TCA you will be required to complete the home session each week, and be given a 10 week exercise program to complete at home starting in January leading up to the season


Autumn Development Courses

It’s been a great summer so far… loads of sun and Cricket! But Autumn is just around the corner and that means the Asylum will come alive again with loads of courses on offer for junior players.

All starting week commencing 8th October…. Led by TCA’s professional coaching team at our state of the art facility. All courses are planned to cater for the enjoyment and development of each particular age group.

9-13s Development Course

Loads of games, nets, drills and skill development on these 10 week courses with the TCA coaches.

Wednesdays 6-7:30pm

Fridays 6:30-8pm

Saturdays 11am-12:30pm

Click here to book

14-17s Development Course

A slightly more specific course for older juniors. Includes challenging net practice with PitchVision technology, fielding drills and indoor matches.

Wednesdays 7:30-9pm

Saturdays 4-5:30pm

Click here to book

Cricket Buds

Fun and inclusive 10 week courses for 5-8 yr olds. Boys girls and beginners all welcome! Click here for more info on what Cricket Buds is about.

Wednesdays 5-6pm

Saturdays 10-11am

Click here to book

Women & Girls

Monday night is ladies night! All players will be split into age/ability groups using the whole facility just for this course.

Monday 6:30pm – 8pm

Click here to book

The TCA 100 Ball Smash

In association with the popular online game Stick Cricket, we’re delighted to announce the launch of a brand new u13 tournament starting this August in Halifax.

The TCA 100 Ball Smash is the first of it’s kind (we think!), and has been launched to give young cricketers a fast, fun and inclusive experience during the school holidays…

100 Ball Smash Logo


This exciting 4 team u13 tournament, incorporating the ECB’s 100 ball rules will be taking place over 4 days from the 20th to 23rd of August at the Northowram Fields and Hedge Top Cricket Clubs. Individual players or groups of friends can sign up and will be assigned to a team.

Each of the 4 teams will play 8 games over the course of the tournament and will be led by a TCA professional qualified coach, who will be on hand to guide the players through the week and enhance the learning experience.

The format and rules have been specifically designed to give every player equal opportunity to participate. The rolling batting and bowling orders mean that each player has a good opportunity in the matches and will test the players to perform under varying match situations.

For more info and online sign up, check out the TCA 100 Ball Smash website by clicking here.

Summer Holiday Courses

Introducing our outdoor holiday courses for 2018…
Keep checking back to see which venues have been added.

Since 2013 our holiday courses have become more and more popular. With a big focus on skill development through various inclusive Cricket games and drills, these courses are a big part of our year round coaching program.

Your child will benefit from the following activities;

  • Fun Games & Skill Development
  • Net Practice
  • Team Building Activities
  • Competitions & Tournaments
  • ‘Free Play’ Periods
  • Led by a TCA full time coach

The details:

  • 10am – 4pm each day
  • FREE 9-10am drop off service
  • Discounts for host club players
  • Sibling discounts
  • 7-14 year olds
  • Qualified & DBS checked coaches
  • Wet weather plan, never a rained off day!


summer camps

Summer Holidays

Walsden Cricket Club (OL14 7SX)
13th, 14th & 15th August
Click here to book
Host Club Juniors Click here to book

Slaithwaite Cricket Club 
16th & 17th August
Click here to book
Host Club Juniors Click here to book

Stones Cricket Club (HX6 4LQ)
28th, 29th, 30th & 31st August
Click here to book
Host Club Junior Click here to book

Please note: The website will only accommodate full course bookings, please call 01422 836554 to book individual days or take advantage of the sibling discount.


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Jack Hendy

Jack Hendy is our second longest serving coach, second only to Matt. Jack’s TCA life started as a player on the Ultimate Academy back in 2013, which lead to him represented Yorkshire under 19s as a fast bowler.


Jack has played under and coached with elite professional coaches such as Paul Farbrace, Steve Oldham and Jason Gillespie. Along with three trips to Australia playing and coaching, all this experience has led to Jack becoming one of our most respected all round coaches, and the go to man for fast bowling 1:1s and fitness training.

Club: Elland CC

Nickname: Hendo/ Square

Playing style: Elegant destructive all rounder

Best moment in cricket: 5 wickets against the red rose for Yorkshire u19s

Interests away from cricket: Gym and Eating

Who would you’d like to bat with: AB De Villiers

Favourite food: Thai

Favourite film: Blood diamond

Favourite music: Ed Sheeran

Best place visited: Perth

Favourite book: KPs autobiography

What are you afraid of: Slow medium pacers

Most proud of: 2018 season in Aus bringing home 7 club and league in total personal awards as-well as winning the flag

Cricket Birthday Parties

Copy of Copy of Copy of Facebook Cover – Untitled Design copy
Come and enjoy a great Birthday Party event here at The Cricket Asylum!
From the venue through to party games…We have it all! Perfect for the Cricket loving or Sport fanatics special day!

  • Tailored to your child’s age and the groups requirements
  • Fun games like dodge-ball and jail cricket
  • Face the bowling machine
  • Cricket bat birthday cake
  • Invitations, party bags & gifts
  • Party foodTo help you plan, we have the following packages available;

platinum birthday packagePlatinum Party Package
– 1 hour fun Cricket games with professional coach.
– Party invitations
– Small gift for birthday child
– Party food, drinks, Cricket bat birthday cake & party bags provided.
£300 for up to 16 children
£350 for more than 16 (max. 24)
Click Here or Call 01422 836 554


GOLD BIRTHDAY Party PackageGold Party Package
– 1 hour fun Cricket games with professional coach.
– Party invitations
– Small gift for birthday child
– Party food and drinks provided.
£225 for up to 16 children
£260 for more than 16 (max. 24)
Click Here or Call 01422 836 554


Silver Birthday Party PackageSilver Party Package
– 1 hour fun Cricket games with professional coach.
– Party invitations
– Small gift for birthday child
– Bring your own food, drinks, cake and party bags.
£135 for up to 16 children
£150 for more than 16 (max. 24)
Click Here or Call 01422 836 554

Check out our gallery of birthdays below!

10 things to make the 2018 season better for all

10 things to make the 2018 season better for everyone

Yes you could play a bit straighter or get a little fitter, but we’re taking a more altruistic view here… There’s more to our beautiful games that runs and wickets people, jump on board a few of these this summer.


  1. Say thank you in the tea room. A simple “Thanks for the tea ladies & gents” might make their day a little more worthwhile after they’ve slaved away making you your sandwiches and cakes… Even it’s a barely edible 2/10 tea (we feel your pain!), they did their best so show your gratitude!

  2. Have a drink with the opposition after the game… so after a long 50 overs of sledging like Warner and ball shining like Bancroft – we can put all that aside and enjoy some time getting to know your opposition and putting some money behind their bar.

    spinstitute banner

    Do you know an aspiring young spinner? Click the image for a great opportunity…

  3. how about have a drink with your own team first before tackling number 2. You all have that team mate who after being bowled out for 50 and finishing at 3pm has a “family meal” to go to so can’t stay for a drink. Come on, don’t be that guy.

  4. Give something back, there was once that volunteer coach who set you on your path to averaging 14.5 with the bat in the 3rds. You owe it to them and the cricket gods to put something back. Run a junior team, help out at junior training or umpire the odd game. You may even enjoy it!

  5. Do a bit on the ground… usually that guy from number 3 who has something on when it comes around to ground-force day. Don’t be that guy again, grab a paint brush a make that sight-screen white again!

  6. Bat where your told and stop sulking. So you’re dropped down the order or not got a bowl and you want to sulk like the day you sister had more ice cream than you at Butlins. Don’t do it, support your captain and the team and they’ll love you a little bit more for it.

  7. Ok so it’s a touchy issue at times… but if you’re a paid amateur try all of the above and below. Put a bit back to the club that’s paying you your 50p per run.

  8. Raise some well needed funds! Every club needs a few extra pennies. Be the one to organise a sponsored bike ride, 6 a-side day, casino night or whatever floats your boat.

  9. Be nice to the umpires… all season… even when you’ve had a stinking decision! They stand there all day in varying conditions watching varying standards of play for a wage that can be described as expenses at best. Take that decision on the chin, have a chat with them after the game.. We have an increasing shortage of umpires in the amateur game, lets make it so they have a nice season and want to keep going.

  10. Ok so we couldn’t think of a number 10… its over to you so add a comment on twitter or Facebook with your way of sharing the Cricket love.



Matthew Dawson – Head Coach

Our Head Coach Matt has been with us since the start and is responsible for our year round coaching delivery and management of coaches. He delivers 1:1 coaching, Ultimate Academy and wicket keeping masterclasses.

BIO: My love for Cricket started from a very early age, I grew up playing junior Cricket for Walsden CC and then Yorkshire from u15 through to the Academy and 2nd team. I spent four seasons playing and coaching in Australia, and several playing minor counties for Cheshire CCC. My love for coaching started over 15 years ago and just keeps growing, I am passionate about developing The Cricket Asylum’s players and coaches. I’ve benefiited greatly from playing the game and really enjoying giving something back to the game through my coaching and now The Cricket Asylum Foundation.

Club: Walsden CC

Nicknames: Hog, Daws and MDG

Playing style: Wicket Keeper / RH Batter

Best moment in Cricket: My Cheshire CCC career was my personal highlight, but coming back to my home club Walsden CC to win trophies with friends takes some beating.

Interests away from Cricket: Mountain Biking & Food

One player you’d want to bat with: Sachin Tendulkar

Fave food: Indian

Fave film: A Beautiful Mind

Fave music: Radiohead, Embrace and other uplifting tunes

Best place you’ve ever been: New Zealand

Fave book: The Time Traveller’s

What are you most proud of: My Family

UA Trio Achieve County Awards

With the County award nights taking place on both side of the border recently it was great to see so many of our young players all dressed up getting the recognition they deserve…

There were several Ultimate Academy players who played County level again this season, a great effort for all their hard work in the winter months both here at the asylum and with their respective county squads.

A special mention must go to these three lads, who achieved recognition for their county performances throughout the 2017 season.

Sam Mulligan (Clitheroe CC), who has just signed up for his 4th consecutive Ultimate Academy for 2018, was named Player of the Year for Lancashire u16s.

Gavin Whipp (Copley CC), a regular on the Ultimate Academy was awarded Best All Rounder for Yorkshire u14 development team.

Matthew Wood (Lytham CC), the youngest player on the UA in 2017 and returning for 2018, was awarded Player of the Year for Lancashire u10s.

Well done boys!

The Ultimate Academy is our flagship coaching program for keen and talented young Cricketers looking to take their game to the next level. We’re currently recruiting for 2018 so if you think you’re up to the challenge click here to see what its all about…


John Abrahams (ECB talent scout & level 4 coach) is back in 2018.